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Your Marketing Isn't Working. Here's Why...

Question: Can you describe for me, IN DETAIL, who EXACTLY your perfect customer is? And I don't mean in a broad, "everyone with a face" kind of way. I mean.... The ONE IDEAL customer.... ? Are they male, female, or other? What is his/her name? How old are they? Where do they live? Are they married? Kids? What do they drive? What shows do they watch? What music do they listen to? What do they do for fun when they aren't working? Who do they vote for? Who do they look up to? Who is their celebrity crush? Do they have pets? Do they play sports? Who is they favorite team? What are their dreams and aspirations? What social media platform are they actually using? You may be asking yourself what any of these questions have to do with getting their business. The answer is, EVERYTHING.

It's imperative to understand, that you are not your buyer.

You have a different relationship with your product, you know it from a different angle. Your customer only knows their own pain/problem. They are looking for something to soothe or solve it. They don't know yet that your product or service is what they're seeking.

You might love scrolling through Instagram for hours on end. Your perfect client might be exclusively using Facebook or LinkedIn. Placing messages on platforms they aren't even looking at is a sure way to waste your money.

And unless you are Nike or Starbucks, they sure as hell don't know your name - or your brand - so when they see that all up in their grill (as the kids say), it literally means nothing to them. Most business owners make the mistake of making their messages TOO BROAD, thinking they will reach a larger audience. The reality is, your message; wording, images, colors, even which platform you use, need to be geared to that ONE person who is your absolutely perfect, IDEAL buyer. When you are able to achieve this, your message will rise above the noise and STAND OUT in the chaos that is today. It's a science - and it's necessary. WITHOUT THIS PIECE OF THE PUZZLE, no matter HOW great your marketing collateral - or product - is, your message will never reach them. Your "perfect customer" makes up 1% of the world population; 1% of the world will identify with the traits and interests your ideal customer does. 1% of THE WORLD will feel like you KNOW them, and are talking to THEM when you craft your marketing this specifically.  If we break that down to Facebook alone, where 1.66 BILLION people log in EVERY day for at least 1.5 hours (2020 study results), that means there are 16,600,000 people who share the traits of YOUR exact, perfect client. These are the people you have the potential to not only REACH, but who are likely to BUY FROM YOU if they feel like you're speaking to them alone. Let's say only 3% (marketing industry average) of those 16+ million people actual saw your message and reacted. That's 498,000 folks who said "hey, I'm interested". Let's suppose that of the interested parties, 3% of those (or 14,940) clicked on your link. And, because your amazing, irresistible offer was so compelling, 3% hit the "Buy Now" button on your website. That's 448 NEW CUSTOMERS - off of that one campaign - on Facebook ALONE. Call me crazy, but I'm guessing that could make a REAL difference in your business this month. So, I ask you again, BEFORE you start blasting your marketing collateral across the internet... Do you know EXACTLY who your PERFECT CUSTOMER IS??? :)

Don't worry, I can help. :)   For a limited time, you can book your Perfect Customer strategy session with me by hitting the button below. :)


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