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Transformational Business Coaching

Whether you're new to entrepreneurship or a running a well-established business, working with a transformational business coach can help you navigate challenges and break through the places on your journey where you're left stuck, overwhelmed, and questioning your sanity. Whether you need help developing your marketing strategy, scaling your business, or just getting out of your own way, we've got you.


Hello! My name is Rebekah…

I’m an entrepreneur and marketing expert living and practicing in Colorado, and I’ve been teaching marketing and business to women for over thirty years. I believe that growing your company should be authentic and enjoyable, that even introverts can succeed, and that you DON’T have to be stuck doing anything you hate. Most importantly, I believe that as women, we have such a gift to share with the world, and your community needs you to speak up about everything you have to offer.

You love serving your customers, discovering their wants and needs, and helping your clients discover how helpful your product/service is. You know your product/service has value, solves their problem, and changes their life for the better.

You know your product or service is the answer to a lot of modern-day challenges. You have created from the heart, followed your passion, and have something amazing to offer. You have chosen the right profession, and deep down you know it.

Yet the marketing and operations of your business makes you want to scream out loud. You are good at what you do, your clients tell you so, but the game keeps changing, and you are tired of trying to figure it out alone.

You’re worried that you don’t have enough business savvy. You’re feeling so overwhelmed by the idea of marketing that you don’t know where to start. You’ve tried piecing together random advice you found on the internet and waiting for it to work, only to be disappointed and discouraged when it didn’t.

Perhaps you’ve received some coaching before and you’ve had some fits and starts, but the ease of running your company hasn’t hit full steam. You still aren’t getting the results you want in your business, which is bleeding over into your life.

You know you are a unique individual that needs a plan tailored for you. One that helps you put your best foot forward and has the know how to get you a step beyond and above. One that gives you the steps you need to level up and turn your project into viable business with the ability to sustain the life you long to live. You need a partner that can give you guidance, share experiences, offer resources, and keep you accountable to your dream.

And I totally get it. I’ve built several successful businesses using the same systems that I teach other women business owners. I’m also an introverted extrovert, so I understand the fear of being visible, and I provide approaches that work for everyone, including introverts. I work with women all over the world to help them overcome their fears of marketing and success. I’ve heard every rationalization there is for not being able to grow a business, and helped people work through it.

I’m here to help you learn the basics, develop a customized strategy, attract new customers, make more money, and enjoy more freedom in your schedule and your life.

Let’s grow your business ~ and your confidence ~ together!

Why work with me?

As a business coach with over 35 years of experience, I understand the struggles and challenges that come with building and growing a successful business. From the uncertainty of starting out to the balancing act of running a profitable company while also taking care of your family and personal life, I've been there and I know how you feel. Through it all, I've also learned the secrets to success. Let me share my knowledge and experience with you and help you transform your business into something that brings you not just financial success, but joy and fulfillment as well.
When you choose to work with me, you get the full benefit of:

  • 35+ years of successful business ownership

  • Proven track record of turning businesses around and increasing profits

  • Hundreds of women helped to start and grow their businesses

  • Extensive expertise in marketing and business strategy

  • Unique understanding of work-life balance for single moms and women 40+

  • A recognized thought leader in the industry

  • Published author and sought-after speaker

With several decades of successful business ownership and mentorship under my belt, I have envisioned, launched, built, and sold several of my own companies. From starting my own salon in 1989 to co-founding a digital music agency, and developing a virtual social media marketing agency before it was "cool", I have a diverse range of expertise.


I have received awards for innovation, created successful programs such as "Successful Weighs™" and "Seller Success Secrets Instagram Bootcamp™", written and co-authored 26+ business and marketing books, and spoken at industry conferences across the US. My wealth of knowledge and experience is a valuable asset for any business owner looking to take their business to the next level.​ 

I can genuinely say I have helped someone standing exactly where you are right now, and I am so excited for the opportunity to work with you!



Transformational Business Coaching for Women



How Does Transformational Business Coaching Work?

We start with a gut deep assessment of your business vision and a radically honest assessment of its current condition. We create a map and a timeline for reaching your goals, then meet bi-monthly to identify the specific next steps for the implementation, troubleshooting any potential roadblocks you hit. Together, we brainstorm the areas that will lead to your highest levels of success. Then we get to work. You’ll get:

  • Individual monthly coaching sessions held via Zoom, and recorded for playback. Have you ever been in a meeting where someone says something that’s really good, something you want to remember, but no one wrote it down? Each of our sessions comes with a recording that you can go back and listen to at your own convenience.

  • Laser strategy calls between scheduled sessions. Stuck trying to accomplish something? Need input on a big decision? Just need some encouragement? You can schedule a call between sessions to discuss these and other specific issues.

  • Unlimited e-mail support. Want me to evaluate your new landing page or public talk? Need input on an opportunity you’ve been presented with? Considering a new tool or program for your business and need help evaluating its value for your business? Need feedback on the effectiveness of a fresh marketing message? Just send me the details and I’ll review it and respond, often on the same day.

  • Specific steps to work on between sessions. You’ll be accomplishing substantive work, and remember, I’m always available by phone and email for support.

Here are some questions that get answered in your Transformational Coaching sessions:


  • How can I increase my revenue and profits?

  • How can I grow my customer base and reach new audiences?

  • How can I effectively manage my time and prioritize my tasks?

  • How can I make my business stand out in a crowded market?

  • How can I balance running my business with my personal life and responsibilities?

  • How can I create a business that aligns with my values and brings me fulfillment?

  • How can I develop and implement effective marketing strategies?

  • How can I navigate changes in my industry?

  • How can I build a strong and effective team?

  • How can I develop and maintain a successful online presence?

These are just a few examples, and Transformational Business Coaching will provide guidance and support on other specific business-related questions as well.

That's great Rebekah, but what’s really in it for me?


Transformational Business Coaching provides a variety of benefits and possible results for women business owners, including:

  1. Increased clarity and focus on business goals and objectives

  2. Improved time management and productivity

  3. Enhanced decision-making skills and ability to take action

  4. Greater confidence in business abilities and decision-making

  5. Development of a personalized and effective marketing strategy

  6. Increased profitability and revenue growth

  7. Improved work-life balance and reduced stress

  8. Increased ability to scale and grow the business

  9. Access to a supportive community of peers and mentors

  10. Greater sense of fulfillment and satisfaction with one's business and life.

You'll also receive customized assessments, accountability, and support systems based on your specific  needs and your unique future goals, including:

Brand Audit – Ensuring you have the foundation and cornerstones upon which to build your business. I will help you name what you do with ease, thereby allowing others to easily invest in and share what you do. This will help even more as you develop additional products and services.

Strategic Planning – To help you simplify all the moving parts and identify your top-tier actionables and serve as a compass, keeping you on track.

Action Plans – Planning a roadmap for your work is essential when you are trying to make a bigger impact. Having action plans will empower you to stay focused and take an idea to its completion.

Powerful Guided Meditations – We all need a little help every now and then, and meditation can allow you to align your attention with your goals. It’s like a superpower that will help you become more stress-resilient and find your organic flow with more ease.

Private Group Forum – Our community of women across the globe that are also building their business together. From discussions, presentations, and resources to Networking and Co-working Sessions, this group will help you stay the course as you grow.

With your commitment, at the end of your program you will have taken obvious steps toward getting more clients, taking back your time, and growing your bottom line. You will also feel a genuine, stronger sense of confidence in your ability to bring about real change in the balance between healthy profits and the freedom from overwhelm you long for.

By saying yes to receiving direct, one-on-one support, you are saying that you want a more fulfilling and profitable business, one where you can be of service, make the world a better place, and enjoy solid financial stability.

What is the investment for Transformational Coaching?

Let me ask you a question, and I want you to REALLY ponder it deeply. How big of an investment would you need to make in yourself to commit fully to showing up completely, treating your project with the respect it deserves, and doing the work necessary to transition from a “side hustle” to an income generating, lifestyle sustaining, freedom granting business? What dollar amount would you put on seeing your vision clearly, creating a step-by-step strategy to get from here to there, learning the skills to overcome your challenges, having the guidance of someone who has walked the path before you, and gaining the confidence to step fully into the life you deserve?

My fee represents a significant investment in your business future. My program isn’t intended for those who only need to make minor improvements or aren’t sure if they need help. This is meant to be an investment that will give you skin in the game while paying for itself in revenue, opportunity, and more sustainability in your business. The investment you make ensures your commitment to do the work and complete your program even during those inevitable times of overwhelm, as well as those of elation. Your investment keeps you focused on your result, and prevents you from giving up three feet from the gold.

If you are ready to gain momentum, optimize client attraction, enjoy more freedom in your schedule, and make more money, I’m here to help you make it happen. I see you, I've been where you are, and I believe in you. I am thrilled to invite you to submit your application to be considered for my next private coaching opportunity.


Submit your application HERE.

And if you are not yet ready to take the leap that will propel your business forward this year, there are some options available to you:

1. Start with a single, Laser Strategy Session to assess your goals and the current state of your business and life and outline a strategy you can implement on your own to overcome your current challenges and begin moving the needle on your success. Simply go to and select the time that works best for you.


2. Focus Groups can be a powerful option for women in all levels of their success. There is benefit in having a forum of others who have a little distance from your product/service that can view it through the eyes of a consumer who hasn’t discovered you yet. The accountability of making commitments to your peers that you are responsible for reporting your progress on can be an incredible motivator for taking action. This is a great hybrid for self-starting women who just need a little help getting focused, getting out of the gate, and sticking to a plan. Focus Groups are limited to six participants for 90 days who meet weekly to set goals, discuss challenges, get/give feedback, and support each other under the guidance of a coach (myself or a member of my team).


To view upcoming Focus Groups and register, CLICK HERE.

3. Twice a year I grant a scholarship to a special woman who has shown exceptional fortitude, discipline, and creativity that I believe will take my program seriously and is ready to do the work. Recipients will receive the full six-month program at a significantly reduced rate, paying only for admin fees and materials. Coaching, education, and support are gifted, providing some basic requirements are met. If you would like to be considered for a scholarship, send me a description of your business and an honest assessment of where you are at and why, and tell me in detail why I should choose you.

Submit your Scholarship Consideration letter via email to

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