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5 Ways to Market Your Podcast

Introduction: What is a Podcast?

Podcasting is a relatively new form of content marketing. It offers a way for businesses to reach more people and engage with their audience in a more personal way.

Podcasts are usually audio or video files that can be downloaded or streamed online. They are often episodic, meaning that they consist of multiple episodes on the same topic. Podcasts can also be live events such as interviews, speeches, and debates.

Podcasts are often released on a schedule so that listeners know when to expect new episodes. This allows them to subscribe and listen at their convenience.

How to Market Your Podcast Effectively - 5 Effective Methods

There are many ways to market your podcast. Some of these methods are more effective than others.

Here are what we think of as the five best marketing strategies for your podcast.

  1. Promote on social media … in many different ways. Facebook: Create a Facebook Page for your podcast and use it to post updates, share photos of your guests, and more. Groups: Join Facebook Groups related to what you do and engage with. There are a lot of social media outlets. Pick your personal favorite and that of your audience and just get creative! Instagram: Create an Instagram account for your podcast and post photos that you’ve taken or that represent what you do. You can also share photos on other platforms like Twitter or Tumblr by sharing them with the Instagram app. Twitter: Tweet about what you do, offer trivia, or ask followers to vote on a topic. You can also create a Twitter account for your podcast so that you can tweet about what you do without having to worry about making sure it’s related to the podcast’s name.

  2. Podcasts are not just for the host anymore. The audience has become co-audience, so it is important to leverage your podcast guest's audience. First, you need to find out if your podcast guest has an email list or social media following so that you can promote their podcast episode on those platforms. Second, you need to promote their episode with a pre-podcast email blast and post-podcast email blast. Third, you should be sure to mention them in future episodes of your own podcast and offer them as a guest again in the future. Finally, if they have any other podcasts that they are doing, make sure that you cross promote them on each other's social media channels.

  3. The podcast is a great medium for storytelling. But the problem with podcasting is that it’s hard to get noticed. But if you create a two-week ratings party, you can get your audience to help you boost your ratings and get more listeners. What is a two-week ratings party? It’s a campaign where the podcast producer encourages their listeners to rate and review their show on iTunes or any other podcast app. This will increase the number of reviews on iTunes which will in turn lead to higher rankings in the charts and increased visibility on social media channels. It's important that when you're asking people to help with your ratings party, that you give them some incentive for doing so - like exclusive content or an opportunity to win prizes.

  4. The best way to advertise your podcast is to advertise it on other popular podcasts. This will help you reach your target audience while they are listening to other podcasts. Many advertisers are looking for the best way to get their message out there. Advertising on other podcasts can be a great option for them. Podcasts are a great place for advertisers because they have a captive audience that is willing to listen and pay attention.

  5. Podcasts are an audio format, which means that people can't see what you're doing when you're recording. But short videos of the creation and recording of your podcast help people visualize what's happening. You can share these short snipet videos on social media to help get people engaged. It also provides a chance to show off your personality and your guests’ personalities. You can have a video introduction to introduce your podcast or a video outro to say goodbye when it's over.


The podcast industry is growing and you should be too. As the podcast industry grows, so does the opportunity for entrepreneurs to get involved. Podcasts are a great way to engage with your audience and can serve as a powerful marketing tool. For a more customized strategy for marketing your podcast, schedule a consultation with a Rebekah & Co. Media professional today!


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