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Local and Live Events:

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Rebekah & Co. Events

Business and Marketing Events and Networking opportunities. 

Manifestor's Mastermind Events

Manifestor's Mastermind

A group for Creators and Creatives to learn, collaborate, and grow.

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Virtual Business Networking and Mastermind Events for Women.

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Successful Weighs Events

Fitness & Weight Loss Challenge Group.

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Savvy Shepreneur Events

The Socially Savvy Shepreneur Marketing Education and Podcast Events.

Pampered Pink & Pretty

Pampered Pink & Pretty

Events for women, with a focus on skin care, glamour, personal and career growth.

Virtual Events:


FAST-TRACK to 1K Per Day Online

The fastest way for beginners to build a 10,000+ email list and get paid to do it.

Dream Life Mastery with Steve G. Jones

Learn how to create a life built on true happiness, success, and perpetual wealth. You'll also discover the keys to amazing health, fulfilling relationships and being the best version of yourself.

Ho'oponopono Certification Course with Dr. Joe Vitale

This course gives professional providers, specialists, and therapeutic providers an opportunity to embrace a modern version of an ancient self-cleaning art capable of eliminating self-imposed boundaries and connecting you to the divine.

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