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SERVICES by Rebekah & Co.

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Etsy Shop AUDIT

In a sales slump in your Etsy Shop? It's time for an audit! Our Etsy Shop Audit includes the following:

  • A comprehensive analysis of your shop's product listings, pricing, search engine optimization (SEO), and marketing efforts.

  • Identification of any issues or opportunities for improvement that may be hindering your shop's performance.

  • Recommendations for increasing sales and visibility on the Etsy platform.

  • Analysis of product listings, titles, tags, descriptions, and images to ensure they are optimized for search and that they are compelling to potential customers.

  • Examination of pricing strategy, shipping options, and customer service policies to ensure they are competitive and customer-friendly.

  • Review of marketing efforts, including any social media presence, to determine if they are effectively reaching your shop's target audience.

  • A detailed report with the findings and recommendations that can be used to make data-driven decisions to improve the overall performance and sales of your shop.

Performed by our Etsy marketing and optimization expert. Actionable recommendations provided based on the analysis.

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Marketing COACHING

Not all marketing tools and platforms are created equal and knowing which is the best for your unique brand is a science. We offer expert guidance and recommendations for business owners who simply need an experienced professional to help them create and implement the right tools and create an ongoing flow of new, profitable business.


We will work with you to create the most effective strategy to cut through the information overwhelm to reach the exact customers who are seeking the solutions/services you offer. We will show you how to stop spending money on outdated and ineffective tactics that don’t work and start investing in the right marketing for your unique business!

We run a complete audit of your online visibility and assess your marketing impact. We then provide you with our expert recommendations and work with you or your team to create a comprehensive marketing plan that you can implement immediately. You can choose to have our team meet with you regularly to ensure the effectiveness of your marketing and help you adapt quickly as each platform’s algorithms continue to change.


Whether you need a single session, full day training with your team, or ongoing education and accountability, we have a solution that is right for you.

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Are you ready to turn your passion for art and design into a profitable business?


Rebekah & Co. specializes in helping women launch and scale their print-on-demand business on platforms like Etsy and Shopify.


From product sourcing and design, to marketing and fulfillment, we'll guide you every step of the way. With our expert advice and tailored strategies, you'll be on your way to creating a successful and sustainable POD business that aligns with your unique vision and goals.


Say goodbye to the guesswork and hello to the freedom of being your own boss. Let's turn your POD dreams into reality!

Read this great article about POD by one of our students!

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Rebekah Welch (founder, Rebekah & Co. Media) is a knowledgeable and entertaining guest who is happy for the opportunity to be on your show and is willing to co-promote your show and share her recording with her large network of social media and email contacts.

Rebekah is a great addition to your show about

  • Small Business Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Local/Retail Business Marketing

  • Business Networking

  • Ecommerce Marketing

  • Fitness Marketing

  • Woman Owned Business 

  • Coaching & Consulting

  • Perfect Customer Profile

  • 100 Free Marketing Ideas

  • Email Lead Generation

  • Print On Demand Business

Additional topics that Rebekah is knowledgeable about include

  • Working From Home

  • Divorce, Dating, & Single Parenting

  • Health & Fitness for Women 

  • Dramatic Weight Loss (How To and Life After)

  • Domestic Violence

  • ADHD and Autism (Coping & Parenting)

  • Law Of Attraction

  • Rebuilding after loss

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Rebekah Welch is a Relationship Marketing and Positioning Expert, Podcast Host, and master of all things Social Media. Rebekah is the CEO of Rebekah & Co. Media and host of The Savvy Shepreneur and Entrepromotion podcasts.


Rebekah specializes in leveraging the internet to build networks and create demand. A natural born "Rainmaker", Rebekah's background in Networking, Start-Ups, Retail Marketing, and Social Influence offset by her caring, authentic nature have earned her a "rolodex" filled with some of the most influential people in business today.

In addition to hosting her own podcasts, Rebekah is a nationally recognized Marketing Speaker/Educator who has had the privilege of presenting in-person workshops and key notes all over the USA, including

  • – Local Brand Awareness – National Webinar (second highest registrations ever recorded)

  • Social Media Marketing Panelist – JV Alert/IMPACT, Denver CO

  • UAMCC Networking - Orlando, FL

  • Marketing & Media Monsters - Denver, CO

  • I Take The Lead - Denver, CO

  • 303Network - Denver, CO

  • Integrated Alliances - Denver, CO

  • Colorado Connector - Denver, CO

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With her writing partner (Tara Jacobsen, Rebekah has co-authored 26 books on business and marketing. The pair were presented with a coveted “Innovation Award” at a Western Regional Industry speaking event for Infusionsoft.

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