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10 Day Self Care Challenge

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Be kind to yourself and live healthier!

In a recent article in Psychology today, it stated that Being kind to yourself can actually help you to bounce back, live healthier, and stay on track.

Showing yourself kindness and self-compassion when faced with difficult life struggles or failures can transform your relationship with yourself and promote healthier ways of living.

And is a much more effective approach to behavior change than than trying to motivate yourself with shame and self-criticism. Shame and self-criticism lead to inner rebellion and giving up, while self-compassion gives you hope and helps you trust the process of change.

Research on self-compassion shows that it is associated with:

● Less anxiety and depression

● More optimism

● Better recovery from stress

● Better adherence to healthy behavior changes, such as exercise or diet

Join the 10-day Self-Care Challenge kicking off on the 1st and take some time to make YOU a priority this month!

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